The Absolute Best (and worst) Supplement for Muscle Growth

I know that you probably want to use supplements to enable you grow lean muscles over time. But you know what? Some of the supplements that are reviewed in different websites will not help you in muscle building. If they do work, then they work in other areas but not muscle building.

Most of the manufacturers of these products are very smart. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear and hack your mind to buy their products. One fact we know for sure is that testosterone levels decreases with age. You, like any other person keeps on worrying whether you have your testosterone level at optimal level.

You then visit different websites searching for the best testosterone supplements to enable you grow your muscles. I am telling you for sure, they won’t work. You will just waste your money enriching someone else who have sold nothing but “fear.” The reason why you are even confused on choosing the brand that will work best for you is because of fear.

Well don`t worry, I have been there too trying different supplements, hitting the gym so hard but no measure seemed to work. That is when I decided to check whether I am the one with the problem or the problem is with the products I was using. After reviewing different products, I went ahead to examine each product based on the ingredients and the properties on the bottles.

That is the only time I got to know the truth. Below I will list some of the worst and best supplements that you can use for building muscles. If you don’t believe me, you will thank me later after realising I told you the absolute truth.

Absolute Worst.

Testosterone Supplements.

You may have heard the crap that testosterone supplements will help you grow muscles. That is absolutely false and I will tell you why. Testosterone supplements are at boom in the market today. However, testosterone supplements will not help you at all in building muscles. This is because their ingredients are not scientifically proven to contain the properties that are essential in building muscles. You should realize that consumerism is the new enslavement for the 21st century. These manufacturers are just taking advantage of you connoting that you are looking for good measures to increase your testosterone level. They are aware that you won`t go a step further to examine the ingredients of their products. Most common ingredients include:

Tribulus terrestris; recent studies show that Tribulus terrestris has no effect on testosterone levels or exercise performance. It only increases metabolic activities in the body.

ZMA; this is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Unless you are deficient in zinc and magnesium, testosterone boosters will not help you. Most individuals fail to add food stuffs that are rich in magnesium and zinc. That is all you need to add to your diet.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA); this ingredient contains antioxidant properties to increase your testosterone level but only in the short run.

You now understand why testosterone boosters will not help you in increasing testosterone level. Let’s now consider the best supplement for muscle building. However, you need to visit the gym regularly and have a healthy diet.

Absolute Best Supplement

Protein Powder

Protein powder will help you build your muscles in a turnaround duration. At least this is not something that you will expect to do magic for you. Eating lots of proteins helps to in body building and that is something that is scientifically proved to be true. However, you have to hit the gym extremely hard to burn excess fats.

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