Does Testosterone Boosters Improve Older Men`s Health?

By the time men reach the age of 70, their testosterone levels are as low as 30% compared to the time they were in their early twenties. They have low energy counts and their sex life is not satisfying as they experience low libido and diminished interest in sex. The effectiveness of using testosterone boosters for old men have been very controversial. Recent studies shows a mixed reaction when the benefits and the risks are compared. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) also aired their warnings in 2015 claiming that old men stand a high chance of experiencing cardiac side effects by using testosterone boosters. Testosterone replacement Therapy is merited for old men but it also does not guarantee optimal results since it comes with its own side effects.

Cardiac arrest in old man using testosterone booster

According to recent research conducted by American Medical Association, they compared the results of different men who used a testosterone booster and those who used a placebo. Their research is collectively called Testosterone Trials (TTrials) where they researched on 800 old men who were having low testosterone levels (see The overall research found improvements in bone density and bone strength in men who used a testosterone booster and no improvement was recorded for those men who used a placebo for a duration of two months. Men who suffered from anemia also improved iron levels in their blood but those men who had memory problems did not record any improvement in memory enhancement or cognitive functionality.

The root cause for the low testosterone levels in old men plays a significant role in determining whether the use of testosterone boosters will work for them. According to Dr. David Handlesman; University of Sydney, Concord Hospital, Australia, low testosterone levels that are caused by obesity and other aging related health problems, should be addressed by lifestyle measures that are directly related to those problems. He also advised testosterone supplements manufacturers to include a warning sign about cardiovascular risks on their brands.

All these studies show that old men stand a high risk of having cardiovascular health complications. Eric Orwoll, a professor of medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, also added that the effects on cardiovascular health remains elusive and large prospective randomized trials are required for further findings.

From the above findings, testosterone boosters improve the health of old men in different aspects of their lives. Cardiovascular health complications remains as a topic to be addressed fully but there is no enough research to conclude or deny that old men must suffer from these complications by using testosterone boosters.

There are many testosterone boosters that are geared towards helping old men to have more strength and also improve their sex life. As opposed to the testosterone boosters geared towards young men who want to uplift their zeal and grow strong muscles, the testosterone boosters tailored for old men do not contain those properties. Their formula incorporates specific ingredients that will only help them to increase their energy level, increase their libido and give them more sex drive to enable them lead a healthy life.

Nonetheless, the use of testosterone boosters for old men still raise some concerns until a remedy is found on how cardiovascular risks should be contained. Men who are above 80 however, do not seem to record much improvements by using testosterone boosters. Unless testosterone is their prescribed treatment from the doctor, they should refrain from using testosterone boosters.

In a nut shell, testosterone replacement therapy and the use of testosterone boosters still works in old men. Due to the fact that there are many risk attributed to testosterone replacement therapy, this should only happen as a result of an agreement between the doctor and the patient. Testosterone boosters on the other hand will be more effective to you by involving a doctor to help you choose the testosterone supplement that best fits your health condition.


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